Anadama is a Boston-based contra dance band and the product of “that one time at folk-dance camp.” Amelia Mason (fiddle), Emily Troll (accordion), and Bethany Waickman (guitar) first made music together in the wild woods of Plymouth, Massachusetts while working at Pinewoods Camp in 2007. After many blissful summer afternoons spent jamming under the trees, the trio decided to take it on the road, and have since been touring the US and Canada, bound by a shared love of cheese, beer, and country radio.

Anadama finds its roots in the traditional music of New England, Ireland, and Quebec. Held aloft by the dark pulse of Bethany’s open-tuned guitar, the trio has no need for a bass or drums. They infuse old and new tunes alike with a distinctly modern kick, fiddle and accordion woven together in tight, driving harmony. It is dynamic, earthy music, all—from sweetly rolling jigs to breathless, freewheeling reels—played with vigor and honesty, and dance at its heart.


These three fine musicians have long roots in the New England dance tradition, growing up in families with strong ties to their local dance communities. Emily, Amelia, and Bethany are experts at providing dynamic, lyrical, driving, and always wonderfully danceable music. They are a pleasure to share the stage with.
Sue Rosen
Contra dancing is about fun and connection, and Anadama is a band that brings that same spirit onto the stage...and into their music. I love calling dances, but when I'm working with Anadama I REALLY love calling dances. Bethany, Emily, and Amelia are all skilled musicians who happen to love playing for contra dancing, as well as being some of the most excellent and fun people I know
Nils Fredland
Anadama is a compelling blend of fresh energy and thoughtful artistry. They make it easy for the dancers to respond--what more could a caller ask for?
Lisa Greenleaf

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Refresh calendars
Nov 9, 2017at 7:30 pmContra danceCaller TBA
The Concord Scout House
74 Walden St.
Concord, MA
Nov 11, 2017at 7:30 pmContra dance Dereck Kalish will be calling
Wesley Methodist Church
114 Main St.
Worcester, MA
Jan 12, 2018at 8:00 pmContra danceDela Murphy Taylor will be calling
Bates College, Muskie Archives
70 Campus Ave.
Lewiston, ME
Jan 13, 2018at 8:00 pmContra danceAlex Hennings will be calling
Topsham Grange Hall
47 Pleasant St.
Topsham, ME
Feb 3, 2018at 8:00 pmContra danceWill Mentor will be calling
Peterborough Town House
1 Grove St.
Peterborough, NH
Feb 22, 2018at 7:30 pmContra danceDugan Murphy and Hannah Chamberlain will be calling
Portland Intown Contra Dance
State Street Church
159 State St.
Portland, ME
Feb 23, 2018at 8:00 pmContra danceCaller TBA
St. Denis Parish Hall
298 Grand Army Road.
North Whitefield, ME
Feb 24, 2018at 8:00 pmContra danceHannah Otten will be calling
Lenox Community Center
65 Walker Street
Lenox, MA
Apr 12, 2018at 7:30 pmContra danceDugan Murphy will be calling
The Concord Scout House
74 Walden St.
Concord, MA
May 18, 2018to May 20, 2018Contra dance weekendGaye Fifer will be calling
Berkshire Outdoor Center at Chimney Corner
591 Hamilton Rd.
Becket, MA
Aug 10, 2018at 8:00 pmContra danceRon Blechner will be calling
Goff Hall
124 Bay State Rd.
Rehoboth, MA 
Aug 18, 2018Private eventDeerfield, MA
Sep 14, 2018Contra danceCaller TBA
Muskie Archives at Bates College
70 Campus Ave.
Lewiston, ME
Sep 15, 2018at 8:00 pmContra danceMary Wesley will be calling
Capital City Grange
Montpelier, VT
Sep 16, 2018at 7:30 pmContra danceBIDA series
Masonic Hall (Porter Square)
1950 Mass Ave.
Cambridge, MA 


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